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BXRi 250BXRi 250

Note: Images may present flash equipment with reflectors or accessories which are not part of the product sales configuration.

BXRi 250

The New BXRi Compact flash units are a further evolution of the features and quality that are Elinchrom.

The concept is simple. Control, power, speed and versatility --- with many new programmable features and the Skyport remote system, enabling the photographer the greatest freedom to express his or her individuality. Elinchrom, like no other.

NoteBX 250 Ri does not offer the computer remote fonction.

  • EL-SKYPORT Radio remote control of power settIngs and Flash trIgger.
  • 4 GROUPS / 8 FREQUENCIES for group workplaces / multi studio operations.
  • EYE-CELL, AUTO PRE-FLASH DETECTION plus programmable modes.
  • VFC, Visual flash confirmation option.
  • PLS, Proportionality adjustment of the modelling lamp range.
  • VSS, Variable f-stop steps.
  • AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE controlled ventilation.
  • SPEED FLASH for sharper images.
  • HIGH IMPACT resistant body shell.
  • RUBBERISED HANDGRIP with built in fuse storage.
  • PROGRAMMABLE ready beep function.


Can be used with 110V or 230V. The correct configuration of modelling lamps and fuse must be applied.

Plug-in Flash Tube

User replaceable plug-in flashtube.

Elinchrom Warranty: Read More

Control Panel
BXRi 250 Control Panel