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    Light Shapers for the ELB 400


    There are dedicated Elinchrom light shapers that can be mounted directly to the Quadra flash heads. These include the Quadra Portalite Square and Octa as well as the Quadra Grid Reflector and Standard Reflector.

    But you can have access to many more light shapers with the help of a Quadra adapter.

    To use the whole range of Elinchrom light shapers, you'll need to add the Quadra Reflector Adapter MK-II to your flash head.

    This adapter snaps onto the ELB 400 Quadra flash heads and uses the normal Elinchrom rotating collar mount so that any reflector or Elinchrom softbox can be used with the Quadra flash heads. Even the largest modifiers like the Elinchrom Litemotiv Octabank can be used with the Quadra flash heads by using this adapter.

    The Quadra Reflector Adapter MK-II snaps onto the Quadra flash heads as shown below.

    Because you can add the Quadra Reflector Adapter MK-II directly to the ELB 400 flash heads, you can achieve the same light quality as with any other Elinchrom strobes.

    For instance, the image below was shot with two ELB 400 Action heads. The flash head behind the subject had the Quadra Grid Reflector attached to the flash head with a 20-degree grid spot mounted into the reflector. The flash head in front of the subject had the Quadra Reflector Adapter MK-II mounted on it as well as a 100cm Rotalux Deep Octa softbox.

    © Michael Clark
    See the graph below for a quick summary of the aforementionned information.

    Light shapers that can be used without the Quadra Reflector Adapter MK-II.


    Light shapers that can be used with the Quadra Reflector Adapter MK-II.

    Download the product chart PDF


    Michael Clark - 01.04.2016